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What is Changing in How the Health Industry in a Functioning

The scale of the medical and pharmacy industry is quite humongous owing to the fact that it has a lot of people and stakeholders in play. Just like other sectors, there are institutional investors that have some interests in the operation of the medical industry and want to make a killing out of it.Such investments may be in terms of finding a cure for a certain illness. The places or sectors that a the industry engages are quite a number The pharmacy industry just like the others, tends to have its merits in the economy. One of them being that it leads to better outcomes in terms of health for the people. The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for developing products that treat various illnesses. A healthy nation is a working nation. This industry is beneficial to the patients in that it makes drugs cheaper so that everyone can get them. The inverse relationship between demand and price is in play in the health care sector as well. Also the sector has provided employment to a lot of people for example researchers, doctors among others. The healthcare sector benefits the economy because a proportion of its incomes go to the government. However the pharmaceutical industries are often criticized that they make money out of people’s illnesses but truth is that they make people’s lives better and get paid to do it. Although the pharmaceutical industry has been growing in the recent past, the growth has not yet reached optimal levels and this is because of some limitations by different things.

Conducting expeditions on drugs can be quite troubling because of the complexity and resources it needs. Nevertheless, it is never always a sure thing that a drug they research into will actually reach the mass production process and this ends up making such firms wasting most of their funds for nothing. Because of this, the two companies share profits and yet it’s the first one that did most of the work into experimenting and making sure the drug is working.The government can set maximum prices that can be charged by the vendors of drugs to prevent exploitation. Also the government institutes a lot of control in terms of advertising of drugs. These stringent regulations disadvantage the companies in the sector making them net lesser amounts in the profit and loss statements. The customers in this case the patients are the ultimate maker or breaker of the healthcare industry, if they prefer a certain drug more, it means they will get more of it and this translates to more growth in the company that produces it.

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